Spring Tune-up

Sunday, February 24th

Jefferson Park Golf Course
No cost to attend!

Network with community members.
Get some free tips for your golf swing.
Gain education on a few great topics.
Learn more about The First Tee.
Prepare for the year ahead!


9:00-9:30 Coffee & Introductions
9:30-11:00 Special Presentations
11:00-12:00 Networking, Discussion, Q&A

11:00-1:00 free driving range practice

Special Presentations

Getting in shape for golf

Dr. Dan Michael, NW Sports Rehab

Self driving cars may be the wave of the future, but what about a self driving body?  If you’ve ever wanted to elevate your physical performance, prevent injuries, or deal with unresolved injuries, but can’t decide where to start, Dr. Dan Michael of NW Sports Rehab will be teaching about how to put your body on “auto-pilot” using a holistic approach to golf performance.  NW Sports Rehab works with athletes of all ages and skill levels from beginner to professional elite, to improve performance, address dysfunction, and eliminate pain.  Whether you’ve played the game of golf your whole life, or you’re just getting started, this interactive and informative seminar is for you.  Have a burning question?  Dr. Dan will be available for brief consultation and will host a Q&A session immediately following the seminar.


Jay Turner, Jeffmont/Redbird Sports

Jay has operated Redbird Sports in Seattle for 30+ years. To play your best your clubs must fit, getting the proper shaft length and lie angle is critical.

Everyone has an optimal golf club fit that facilitates a biomechanically efficient motion resulting in a balanced and powerful swing from address to impact to follow-through.


Washington State Golf Association
Shari Jacobson & Torrin Westwood

Since its humble beginnings more than 90 years ago, the WSGA has evolved into one of the largest amateur golf associations in the United States, providing a multitude of benefits and services to more than 69,000 individual members at over 550 member golf clubs while enriching the lives of people in Washington and Northern Idaho through the many social, recreational, and lifetime benefits of the game of golf.

The new Rules of Golf

Ben Bergner, Staff Coach

Learn more about the first tee

The First Tee Staff