Young golfers take on big fundraising effort.

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We’re always thankful for our terrific coaches and volunteers, but two young participants went above and beyond to show their appreciation this holiday season, and completely knocked our socks off!

Brianna Nguyen (12) and Kylie Nguyen (13) have enjoyed their many years playing with The First Tee of Greater Seattle, and the chance to build lasting relationships with a host of caring adult mentors. They wanted to find a way to express their thanks, but not just to the coaches they’ve met… they wanted to thank ALL of the adults impacting youth at The First Tee of Greater Seattle, which is nearly 100 people!

So they got to work…


Since winters can be cold in Seattle, their goal was to provide a nice, warm beverage for all the coaches and volunteers, so they set out to raise enough to give each person a $5 gift card. That way, they could purchase any warm beverage of their choice! In order to raise all that money, they sold the golf clothes they had outgrown and shared the story with friends and family, who were happy to support the cause.



Not only did they raise the $500 they needed for the gift cards, they also reached out to local golf clubs and instructors to procure some special gifts for the coaches they know best at The First Tee. In all, Brianna and Kylie raised over $1,000 in value. But the thoughtfulness, gratitude, and perseverance that went into this endeavor is priceless, and we’ll remember it forever.



We are so proud of Brianna and Kylie, humbled by their amazing gesture, thrilled to share with our coaches and volunteers, and grateful to have the chance to connect adults and youth in such a meaningful way.

Thank you for the inspiration, Brianna and Kylie.

Happy holiday season!





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  1. What fantastic, selfless girls! They are shining examples of The First Tee core values taking root. Woot woot!

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